The Art of Being You: 3 Steps to Unlocking Your Soul’s Wisdom

You know that repetitive thought that keeps nagging at you night and day? That negative emotion that eats away at your sanity?WebBanner

It might sound something like this:

  • Others might be chasing their dreams, but it’s not for me.
  • I’m just not (___fill in the blank ____) enough to reach my goals.
  • I made my bed, now I must sleep in it.
  • I just have to keep my head down, and wait until retirement before I live my real life.
  • I feel like a robot.
  • I don’t have enough discipline to develop my intuition.
  • When I win the lottery, I will …

Do any of these statements feel familiar to you? I hear them all too often in my practice. Women come to me, often in tears, because they feel stuck. They feel they don’t have the courage, or the power, or the discipline, or the knowledge to be who they know they truly are deep down inside. There was a time in their childhood or early teenage years when they felt the freedom and the power of their intuition and creativity – but adulthood and its various responsibilities and negative experiences shut it all down. These women have forgotten how to truly shine. They forgot their joy. They set aside their magic. But THEY’RE READY TO CLAIM IT ALL BACK!

What breaks my heart is that too often they have sacrificed their freedom and joy with the intention of “being there” for their children, or their spouse, or their job, or their ailing parents.

If this sounds like you, please remember that when you don’t shine, when you don’t feel joyful and free… you’re not truly there for anyone, not even yourself! You might be there in person, doing the tasks that need to be done… but your soul is missing, and that leads to chronic sadness and anxiety.

I love seeing the transformation that happens when I work with these women.   In working with me, you will be able to see these transformations in you, too!  Your eyes become brighter. You will smile more often. Your relationships flow with more ease. You will be more open to abundance. Your stress level will decrease. Even your children’s behaviour will improve!

Connecting with your Soul is the fastest, easiest ‘get-the-answers-you-need’ way to move from a place of stress, confusion and fear, to a place of joy, creativity and inner peace! Your Soul is the key to profound shifts in your energy and your ability to love life. To unleash your magic, you need to journey to know YOU – all of you, your beauty, your wisdom AND your pitfalls and darkness. It’s not an either/or situation: in this world of contrasts, you are BOTH light and darkness, and you can’t ignore either of them if you wish to feel complete, fulfilled, and alive!

When you step into that high vibe space and unlock that magic… well, miracles happen.

Are you ready to give those nagging thoughts and emotions a kick in the behind? Are you ready to reclaim your freedom and your magic?

Life, unstuck.

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I want to make it easy for you to reclaim your freedom and your magic, so I will send you one chapter of this ebook at a time through a series of emails.  I really want you to do the work involved in one chapter before you move on to the next one; it’s the best way to integrate the new energy!  In each chapter, I will guide you through exercises to:

  1. Identify what you want, and why you want it. Too often, we know we want change in our life, but we’re not too sure what that is. Or we may want to change to please someone else, and that can create mental and emotional confusion. This chapter will give you clarity of purpose!
  2. Untangle what is holding you back. As we go through life, we get caught up in our mind’s stories about what ought to be. We trip up on past hurts. We are fearful of so many things. Learn to recognize negative patterns, and choose the energy most aligned with your Soul.  This chapter will give you clarity of emotion, so you can make better decisions and move forward without the emotional mess!
  3. Take action. Just thinking about what your soul wants, and knowing what would make you happy is not enough: you need to take action! Imagine cooking the best dinner you’ve ever had. See yourself taking out the pots and pans, carefully measuring ingredients, and even adding a big dollop of Love to the mix. Imagine how nice it smells. Imagine the anticipation of tasting this delicious creation. BUT… if you’re still sitting in your chair, that meal won’t cook itself, right? You know the recipe for your soul’s happiness, now it’s time to cook! This chapter will give you clarity of action!

Finally, you will receive a special invitation for a complimentary session with me, where we will review your discoveries and celebrate your “a-ha” moments. I will give you an overview of your Soul Profile that will validate where you shine and where you might still feel stuck. We will also discuss your next steps to mastering the art of being you.

Because, face it: you’re a masterpiece in the making. You are beautiful, wonderful, and complex. You have depth, you have shadows, you have vulnerabilities. And it’s all good. In the canvas of your life, you can only be YOU, and that is more than enough.

Are you ready to journey with your Soul? Start with the first step to unlocking your soul’s wisdom!

Talk to you real soon!

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